Private tours

What makes our tours so special? Everyone is special and deserves to be treated in the most individualized way. We love to hear what inspires you as our guest so we can do our very best to create tours that will fully make you happy.

Why choose a private tour?

Private tours are always highly individualized. We try to choose the perfect period of the day in order to avoid the most crowded part of the day. Willing to do additional stops and give you all the privacy you need and, at the same time, full support and help during the tour.

There are, of course, must see places that everybody who comes to Croatia wants to visit, but we are here to show you “parallel” Croatia, beauty hidden. We believe that beauty is right there, behind the scene. To get a full experience, you need to see both-well known Croatia and its hidden treasures.

Croatia is too beautiful to be half explored so we want to show you as much as we can.


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