About us

Who we are?

We are group of enthusiasts passionate about travel and our beautiful country. We are all different kind of personality, but what we have in common is the passion. Passion to show the very best what Croatia has to offer. We believe that our guests deserve to see the true highlights of Croatia, not just places that scream from the tourist billboards. There is something still hidden and those places, tradition and gastronomy have the potential to turn the regular into bold.

What we do?

We are Travel Agency based in Split, highly specialized in Tailor-made Tours and vacations in Croatia, Slovenia, and the Balkan area.

We organize multi day Private stays, Private Day Trips and Private Transfers for both, individual travelers and small or mid-size groups. We believe that everybody should be treated in the most individualized way and that preferences of our guest must be taken into the consideration, in order to provide the experiences that will impress. We can customize every journey to fit all of your specific preferences and requests.

Our knowledgeable Concierge is always on disposal and ready to help you with all the information.

Why us?

Secret ingredient of all of our tours is You. Yes, you. We are absolutely passionate about what we do and we take our role very seriously, but what makes the difference is You. If you come with passion and the strong will to explore more, to dive into the hidden beauties of our heritage and natural background, our passion will just lead you into the spectacular experiences. We have different types of personalities within our team and we always do our best to provide you people who know the best about things you are interested in. Please, feel free to share your expectations with us, let us know what powers your soul and we will base your experience-package on that.

People who do not want to plan in advance?

We are all passionate travelers and we know there are different types of us. There are people who want to plan every single moment of their vacation in advance and others, who want to be surprised. We respect both and we are ready to create amazing adventures and experiences for both. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have idea what to do and what to expect from Croatia and if you have no clue. We will make Croatia and surrounding area closer to you and do our best to make you fall in love here.

The Team


Anita Plazibat

Tour manager & Licensed Tour Guide

Ivana Zubčić

Office manager

Maja Dujmović

Licensed Tour Guide
throne 2

Davor Majic

Licensed Dubrovnik Guide

Anamarija Rosić-Milinković

Licensed Mostar Guide

Ivica Mušura

Car & van driver

Helena Kačić Bartulović

Office administrator

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