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The city of Šibenik was first mentioned in 1066, so some of the attractions are almost millennium old. Šibenik attracts with its fortresses and st. James Cathedral, which was placed on the UNESCO protected heritage list in 2000. It has become the main attraction of the old town since that time. The cathedral had been built for more than 100 years due to lack of money and various warfare.

The main architects were Juraj Dalmatian and Nikola Florentine. For the foodies among our guests, we always suggest booking their table in advance because the best Croatian restaurant Pellegrini is located right there, in the heart of old Šibenik town. Šibenik is only 15 minutes driving away from Krka Waterfalls and we suggest to include this lovely, charming Mediterranean city in your tour.


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Photos by: TZ grada Šibenika

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