Discover the artistic treasure trove of a museum-city.

About this destination

We are all in constant search for happiness, but Trogir is the perfect place to stop the search. Well known as a city of a happy moment, Trogir attracts much more than pure happiness. Trogir is a superbly balanced small stone city, surrounded by medieval walls and protected by two patrons and one Greek god. Enough to feel safe. The significance of Trogir heritage background has been recognized by UNESCO.

Trogir is usually called museum city and here are just some of the sites that make it so special: the famous portal of Trogir Cathedral made by local master Radovan, City Loggia, Monastery of st. Nicholas that houses a relief of Kairos, a Greek god of lucky moments. So, do not hesitate and go, capture your lucky moment in Trogir and take it with you wherever you will go.


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Photos by: Turistička zajednica grada Trogira

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